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Boobs in the City: a Free Hentai Shooter (FPS)

Boobs in the City

Are you looking for a free hentai shooter game? Then Boobs in the City is a must-have! Playing as a kinky coach, you train an armada of sexy girls to win shooting matches. Plus, you get to learn about them in depth in ultra-detailed and ever-harder sex scenes. So if you're looking for adventure and adrenaline, check out our full review of Boobs in the City!

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Presentation of Boobs in the City

Boobs in the City is a free hentai game available online that immerses you in erotic scenes worthy of the greatest mangas. But this TPS also promises you quite a bit of action with water gun based shooting games in 3 Vs 3 or multiplayer. The program? A coach, weapons and a team of girls at your command. As each of them has their own story and personality, you will have to get to know them in depth to increase their skills. The goal is to win the water play championship with a lot of sexual battles.

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Story and gameplay

From the very beginning of this FPS game, you'll enjoy a AAA video that gives you all the tips, items to collect, and character introductions during the download. You'll already be treated to some uncensored sex scenes to build up the pressure. Next, you explore the hentai game tutorial by playing as Akane. There you will learn all the basic moves to handle the gun, shooting and other combat weapons.

As for the story, Boobs in the City is relatively simple. As you are the trainer of an armada of girls all hotter than each other, you will have to get to know them through explicit sexual scenes. So this hentai game will push you to many shooting fights, but also to unique workouts to bring your wildest fantasies to life. By offering gifts to all the girls in your harem, you develop certain affinities to unlock even more erotic scenes. As for the unique training, it allows you to get a little more intimate with the girl to improve her skills and increase her statistics. Akane, Yui, Saki, Rina, Kana and all the others are just waiting for you to step up your game and invite you to their dorm room.

Goal and objectives

In Boobs in the City, you will first have to learn how to move and then shoot your opponents to win tokens and gifts. As for objectives, this hentai game is full of them to unlock new sexy girls, new skins and new training levels. With each victory, you'll be able to improve your harem's performance while multiplying your earnings.


Of course, the further you advance in this hentai game, the more renowned a coach you become! As for the main goal, it is to win the championship. So through many alternative quests, you can increase the team's performance to unlock ultra hot erotic scenes.

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About the game

With ultra-detailed graphics, animations in every direction, and a multiplayer mode, the designers promise you maximum thrills with this GPS game!

The graphics

When it comes to graphics, Boobs in the City goes all out! Whether it's the characters or the environment, the details are pushed and promise you a real immersion. In addition, the erotic scenes are of very good quality for maximum sensations.

The sounds

Aside from the graphics, the sound of this hentai game is not left out. Noise with screams, moans, and truer-than-life orgasms. You are bound to be seduced. On top of that, Boobs in the City uses background music that clearly turns up the heat.

The game's lifespan

To spice up Boobs in the City, the designers developed numerous side quests alongside the main objective. The result? This shooter embarks you on a nearly limitless adventure that is likely to keep you engrossed for several hours.

The animations

In this FPS game, the animations are of very good quality, especially during fights. No matter what weapon the character uses, you won't be disappointed by the level of graphics and detail.

The multiplayer mode

With this online sex game, you will also be able to have fun with the multiplayer mode. For this, Boobs in the city offers you several options. The first is to play with game partners from a certain level. Second, you can also switch to the multiplayer mode by inviting friends to gain performance and winnings more easily. Finally, you should know that there is also a chat to communicate and strategize.

How to play Boobs in the City?

Since Boobs in the City is a browser-based hentai game, you won't need to download it. However, to play it, you will need to provide some information when you register. For this, fill in your email before confirming it. This is a very simple action, but it will entitle you to many bonuses. Then, you will have to choose a nickname with at least 10 characters and a password to finalize the registration. Then, all you have to do is follow the presentation video and the short tutorial before diving into this TPS game!

Is this game free to play?

Boobs in the City belongs to the category of free hentai games! At the beginning, you will receive a limited number of tokens to make your first steps. After that, you'll have to earn some during shooting fights to improve your performance and complete your missions. Running low? Then you can get new tokens using your credit card. For example, for 500 tokens, it will cost you only $5. In addition, this online sex game accepts many payment methods such as bank card, Paypal or Mastercard.

The pros

Boobs in the City is a community of one million players! So obviously, the designers put quite a bit of effort into getting you hooked. So on a daily basis, you'll be able to enjoy daily rewards that will boost your performance level and winnings. In addition, this hentai game makes regular updates to keep you on your toes.

With ultra-detailed and stunningly realistic graphics, you'll dive into an erotic FPS game that's sure to excite. Its secret? Its multiple possibilities! With up to 9 different girls, you'll be able to build different strategies since they all have 3 attacks and several skills. In addition, they are also good at defense and can heal to lead you to victory. On the skin side, there are 50 uniforms available so you can bring your wildest fantasies to life.

Directly accessible online, you don't even need to download Boobs in the City to your computer. Moreover, it fits perfectly the size of your screen to accompany you on your tablet or smartphone. As for signing up, it's completely free and doesn't require you to go through the payment process. However, if you feel like unlocking even more erotic scenes, you can get tokens to spice up the adventure.

The cons

One of the game's major weaknesses is the lack of avatar customization. Indeed, fans of hentai games will tend to prefer this type of feature to design exactly the girl that fits their fantasies. However, and as mentioned earlier, there are already 9 different girls with 6 different stories for each. In addition, the level of detail remains impressive for a total immersion in the sex scenes.

Our review of Boobs in the City

To conclude, our review of Boobs in the City is more than positive! With maximum adrenaline, this hentai game turns up the heat with ever harsher and uncensored sex scenes. In addition, there are numerous alternative quests alongside the main quest for shooting fights. On the multiplayer side, you'll be able to swap with game partners via chat to spice up the adventure and refine your strategies. And since registration is completely free, you'd be wrong to miss out!

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