Hentai Area

About HentaiArea.com

Who are we?

The team behind HentaiArea.com is a team of people who are passionate about video games, manga and of course hentai games too. We have always played video games and we have been interested in manga since we were teenagers. It's a bit later that we got interested in adult manga and hentai.

Our mission with HentaiArea.com

We wanted to share our passion for hentai games with the world, that's why we created the website HentaiArea.com. On this site we share our discoveries in the world of hentai video games. We test the games and we give you a presentation to give you our opinion, what we liked and what we didn't like.

How do we select the hentai games present on this site?

We try to cover all the hentai games but this task is time consuming so we focus at first on the most popular games like Hentai Heroes for example.

You can also suggest us games that are not yet present on HentaiArea.com by sending us a message via our contact page.

How do we get paid?

Some of the games on this site may pay us an affiliate commission. The game publishers do not pay us to have their games appear on HentaiArea but they may pay us a commission when a player registers or makes a purchase in the game.

How to contact the customer service of one of the hentai games?

The games present on HentaiArea belong to different publishers from which we are totally independent. If you want to contact the customer service of a particular hentai game you will have to go directly to the official website to find the contact form or the legal notice.

How to contact the HentaiArea.com team?

Do you have a question about our site (HentaiArea)? Do you have any ideas for improvements or suggestions for hentai games? You can contact us via the form on our contact page!