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Gay Harem: The Best Gay Hentai Game Available for Free

Gay Harem

If you are looking for a gay sex game to satisfy your fantasies, then Gay Harem is the one for you! It's 100% free and promises hot scenes worthy of the most beautiful online hentai porn games. Really addictive, it feeds your urges and allows you to enjoy yourself while having a good time. Are you tempted? Check out our full review of Gay Harem!

A little clarification, but from the name of the game you can guess that it is a gay hentai porn game. If you are looking for a hentai game with sexy straight girls, we recommend you to play Hentai Heroes instead! It's the same game but with a story and characters adapted to straight men.

Presentation of the game Gay Harem

Gay Harem has been specially designed to thrill the gay community! Inside, there are no female characters since this gay sex game is built only for the satisfaction and desire of men. In this RPG game, all the ingredients are there to make you have a good time and satisfy your fantasies or sexual urges.

From the very beginning, you play as a character who must go in search of the most beautiful men to build a harem. In the course of exciting adventures, you discover unique settings and fight sexual battles to gain experience. Thanks to a great diversity, you will also be able to participate in numerous mini-games in porn toon format whose graphics quality might surprise you. In short, this is a gay hentai role-playing game rich in thrills and which is also available in free to play!

Gay Harem story

In Gay Harem, you play a young, awkward and slightly shy man. Well-built, he enters a fantasy world where he can have sex with whoever he wants, and especially whenever he wants. His goal? Give in to his urges with as many men as possible to build up the hottest harem in the game. To meet them, you can simply follow the adventure or take part in quests which each time put in scene your most unsatisfied fantasies.

As you go along, you gain experience and you can fight sexual battles to win money or items. Thanks to numerous options, you can also play a lottery directly integrated into the hentai game or access the Pachinko. Finally, to boost your performance, there's nothing like treating yourself in the store by buying accessories, boosters or gifts to maximize the experience of this gay sex game.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of Gay Harem is to build the hottest harem in the game! As you collect men, you'll be able to follow the adventure and enjoy many pornographic animations. Designed in the format of a visual novel, you are completely immersed in this hentai game that will make you live the action as if you were there! The idea is above all to make you have a good time and to provide you with a maximum of strong sensations to allow you to satisfy your impulses. Between the adventure mode, the PVP mode and the multiple activities proposed, you unlock more and more characters to access the hardest scenes of this gay sex game!

But far from being a simple porn game, Gay Harem becomes downright addictive since it will force you to set up strategies to win! Thanks to fictitious money, you collect points, but also many men to have even more fun as the story goes on.

About graphics and animation

Faithful to the hentai game, the graphics of Gay Harem are in 2D to respect the tradition of Japanese mangas. However, all the illustrations are strikingly realistic with many details brought to the characters' expressions as well as to some effects. Moreover, the dialogues are exciting and immediately immerse the player in the atmosphere. In addition, the map remains extremely simple and fun and the sounds are in perfect harmony with the scenario to offer a unique visual experience.

Gay Harem gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Gay Harem is as interesting as it is fun. In concrete terms, you will have to accumulate energy and experience to be able to engage in numerous sexual battles while pursuing the adventure. Fortunately, there are different modes to allow you to progress step by step in this hentai game!

Adventure Mode

Gay Harem's adventure mode takes you to a city or kingdom that changes every time. Inside, everything takes place like in a hentai comic book with dialogues and action! This is how you will be able to indulge your wildest sexual urges by simply clicking from one page to the next. With this gay sex game, you'll be treated to some amazing real life animations. During your adventures, you will advance with points, money and experience to accumulate boys to join your harem.

PvP Battles

PVP battles give you the opportunity to compete against other players! To do so, you will have to take the time to set up an efficient strategy to win as much money and equipment as possible. That's why you'll have to carefully select the men who will make up your harem. Indeed, each of them has specific abilities that can pay off! For example, with Bunny, you'll earn $100 every 2 minutes, while with Red Buttler, you'll earn $700 every 20 minutes. By upgrading them as you go, you can dramatically improve your fighting spirit and still reach your goals!


To expand your harem, Gay Harem offers many activities. On a daily basis, there are 12 missions where you can earn kobans, an extremely rare and sought-after currency. In addition, you can also participate in the 24-hour competition to win new rewards. Finally, the Places of Power can also allow you to unlock some exclusive mechs that will clearly make the difference!


Pachinko is a Chinese roulette game that can win you a big prize! If you are lucky, you can win an exclusive character or simply equipment to improve your character. There are 3 game modes: epic pachinko, mythical pachinko and super pachinko once a month.

The arena

The Gay Harem arena allows you to compete against other players! Here again, you'll have to strategize by selecting your best characters to earn the most money and experience! As the fights are automatic, there will be no sex scene since only statistics count.

The tower of glory

Thanks to the tower of glory, you will be able to access your ranking in this hentai game. You will also have the possibility to discover the statistics of other players and your opponents or to join clubs to participate in other activities.

The harem

The harem is where you check out all the characters you own. You will be able to check their stats and skills to better refine your strategy in the arena.

The Store

Finally, in the hentai game Gay Harem, you can also go to the market to buy some equipment. For example, you will be able to choose equipment, but also boosters that will reinforce your character's abilities. You can also buy books or gifts to give to your harem to strengthen their affection and increase their motivation during battles.

Gay Harem pros

Gay Harem is so successful because it offers many advantages to players. Here, we think for example of:

  • The free access: not only the access to this hentai game is free, but also the different activities available, including the access to the Pachinko game.
  • The graphics: in Gay Harem, the graphics are particularly well done with very well illustrated sex scenes that require little imagination!
  • The mix of genres: in this hentai game, you will be able to enjoy gay sex games as well as toon porn and many animations in comic book format.
  • Sexy guys: Gay Harem offers you a great number of men with sexy bodies to allow you to have fun in your virtual sex games and fantasies!

Gay Harem cons

Even if it has many assets, the game hentai Gay Harem has some limits! We think for example of:

  • The lack of visibility for the sexual battles: as mentioned above, only the statistics count! As a result, the player can't see the display of the sex battles at all.
  • Lack of movement and animation: apart from the main story, there is very little movement and animation of sex in the game.
  • Hentai graphics: for all the players who prefer ultra-realism, the graphics of this hentai game should be avoided!

Is Gay Harem a free hentai game?

Gay Harem is a 100% free hentai game! When you sign up, it asks you for absolutely no financial participation to start your adventure. However, you should know that inside the game, some activities may require a contribution. The same applies if you want to increase the experience of your harem more quickly to maximize your performance. Gay Harem is therefore a gay sex game that is completely free, but which also depends on your desire to progress in the game and your quest for thrills!

Our Gay Harem review

To conclude, our opinion on Gay Harem is obviously positive! With many assets, it is as simple as it is fun and allows you to explore a universe rich in thrills. Moreover, it is 100% free to play wherever you are, on mobile (android and iPhone), on tablet or on PC. With graphics worthy of the most beautiful hentai xxx games, it propels you into a universe that will thrill you to explore your unfulfilled urges and your wildest fantasies.

On a daily basis, it is even a gay sex game that becomes particularly addictive with numerous quests, animated games or sexual battles. In addition, the men in your harem are cut to the millimeter so you can exploit them to the fullest, whether in the game or in the adventure. In short, Gay Harem deserves its success!

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