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Comix Harem: the brand new free hentai comics game by Nutaku

Comix Harem

Comix Harem is the new hentai game! With its graphics worthy of the greatest comic books and its many ultra-hot sex scenes, it feeds your fantasies and plunges you into an intense erotic adventure. Available in free-to-play, it's a multiplayer RPG that even invites you to compete with your opponents directly online with a ranking. In short, discover our full review of Comix Harem: one of the best free hentai games to play online!

If you're ready you can play Comix Harem game online right now and for free!

Presentation of the game Comix Harem

Comix Harem is a hentai game that mixes two universes that have nothing to do with each other: comics and porn games! Developed by Nutaku.net, this multiplayer RPG is directly inspired by comics with many uncensored adult contents. During your epic and erotic quest, you meet girls as exciting as they are horny that you send into the arena to defeat your opponents. At the same time, you build your harem with a minimum of strategy to win. Accessible for free online from a computer or a smartphone, Comix Harem may become your new obsession to satisfy your wildest fantasies!

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A few words about the story

If you are a fan of the superhero universe, then the hentai game Comix Harem is for you! From the very first minutes, you'll find yourself in a comic book universe and you'll meet superheroines who are very excited about the idea of beating the bad guys! To protect the world, they will have to enter the arena to defeat their opponents. And that's where your avatar Wildman comes in! Thanks to his sexual performance, you increase the girls' powers to win. As a result, you engage in many hardcore sex scenes with your harem before going on the attack.

What is the goal of the game?

In each world of Comix Harem, you will have only one mission: find the super-villains to recruit the most sexy girls! By saving them, you give them a safe place in your harem and pay them in kind. To defeat your opponent, you will have to engage in a battle of sexual performances that aim to satisfy the superheroine. Since this is a hentai game, you will be treated to many uncensored porn scenes in ultra-detailed comic book graphics!

Once you succeed in defeating the super-villain, you get gold that will allow you to raise your energy level. With each quest you collect XP that will take you to the next level with a small reward: a terribly horny girl for your harem! Finally, and to boost your level, you can also turn to the store to buy equipment, boosters or small gifts for the girls that will reward you in kind!

Events in Comix Harem

Every month, Comix Harem organizes special events for a limited time, always more exciting and provocative! You'll have the opportunity to explore new quests with your harem to win hot new girls. You'll also be able to explore the secondary mode that allows you to compete against other superhero teams. Not only is it a way to earn extra rewards, but it's also a chance to compete with others to see how you stack up sexually!

Comix Harem gameplay

The hentai game Comix Harem is available in free-to-play after a simple online registration. Directly from your computer or your mobile, you will be able to start to engage in hyper erotic battles! As far as the universe is concerned, you will evolve in a comic book worthy of the greatest comics with ultra-detailed and uncensored sex scenes. In short, here is what awaits you!

Quests and adventure

The Comix Harem tutorial takes you to the city of Begin. Populated by super-villains who keep you away from the girls, you have to save them to get them to the safety of your harem. They will thank you with hot scenes! In your multiple quests, you'll have to fight the villains with a lot of sexual performance. To maximize the power of your heroines, you'll have to satisfy their desires so they'll throw themselves into battle. Since quests draw on your energy, you must regularly recharge it with gold to continue your adventure. As you go along, you gain XP to reach the next level, each time unlocking a new girl!

PvP fights

The PvP fights are the major event of this hentai game! Every month, you can fight other players to unlock a special girl. You will have to rely on a minimum of strategy and select your strongest sexual heroines to defeat your opponents. If you win, you'll get equipment, experience and affection from your harem. You'll even get a ranking between players!

The Gacha

With the Gacha, you enter the crazy world of Comix Harem! These are nightclubs where you can indulge your wildest fantasies. In total, you'll have 3 different Gacha games that will open you up to erotic and mythical adventures. Along the way, you'll earn rewards and sexy girls for your harem!

Daily rewards

By logging in to Comix Harem every day, you will be entitled to daily rewards! These can be equipment, boosts or small gifts for the girls that you can also find in the store. By betting on regularity, you will be able to maximize the performance of your harem to win even more battles and even more hentai scenes! On top of that, Nutaku makes daily updates and also offers you special events every month!

Comix Harem pros

By mixing the universe of comics, porn games and pop culture, Comix Harem is a hentai game that makes the difference! In short, here are all the positive points to remember:

  • Free-to-play: after a simple registration, you will be able to play on the computer or on mobile anywhere and anytime.
  • Comic book graphics: superhero fans will be won over! In a comic book universe, the hentai scenes are ultra-detailed and especially uncensored!
  • The adventure: as far as the adventure is concerned, the developer Nutaku makes regular updates to offer you exclusive quests! Between the seasonal events and the secondary mode, you'll be spoilt for choice.
  • Playability: as far as playability is concerned, the interface is easy to get used to with a quick grip. This is one of the strong points of the smartphone version.

Comix Harem cons

Like many hentai games of the same category, Comix Harem is not perfect! For example, the soundtrack is too repetitive and there are some shortcomings in the graphic work. Moreover, the fans of ultra-realism will have to pass their way since here, it is above all the comic book which is honored.

A free-to-play hentai game

This is one of the strong points of this hentai game! Available for free and directly online, Comix Harem can be played on computer as well as on mobile. All you need is a browser! During your adventures, your avatar will be able to accumulate experience and performance points to move to the next level. However, if you don't have the necessary resources, you can also use your credit card, without any subscription or commitment on your part!

Comix Harem review

Overall, our review of Comix Harem is positive! As far as the gameplay is concerned, the comic universe remains faithful to the most famous comics with many Japanese-style hentai scenes. Even if the graphics are in 2D, the pleasure remains real and the excitement grows as your adventure goes on.

As far as the adventure is concerned, it encourages you to go further and further, whether it is with the main quest, the secondary mode or the special events. As the updates are frequent, you will be able to unlock many hot girls to feed your fantasies.

Moreover, the multiplayer version even offers you to compete with your opponents with a ranking! In short, it's an easy to play hentai game that will easily keep you up all night with its numerous sex scenes and hot sex scenes!

The game Comix Harem is also available in other languages:

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